I am a local genealogist that has spent years of research on local history from Barren Co., KY and other areas close by.  I hope in the coming weeks, months, and as long as I have new information to add, share what I know of certain places of interests.  Some placenames, personal names or exact locations may be withheld to prevent invasion of privacy to living identities.  In those cases, you will be given a report of incidents or eyewitness accounts of situations that would fit the urban legend catagory, and not take away from the point of the original story.  Hope you enjoy, and feel free to post any comments or questions.

I wish to add a disclaimer:  Any information I have used here is solely for the purpose of sharing this information with other people of like mindedness to what I share here.  There is no true copyright on genealogy and local history, although if you use previously published information for monetary gain or your own personal recognition, it is illegal.  The information I intend to share here is solely for entertainment and to help others who may be researching any particular subject I touch on.  Please remember to give proper credit where credit is due.  Anytime I state that a piece of information is quoted or verbatim from an old article, I have given first credit to the original author, or other publisher.

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  1. djbeale says:

    Best of luck Georgette on this new endeavor. I’m looking forward to the results of all your years of hard work and research.

  2. Stephen McVeigh says:

    Have read your article of the Great Storm that hit Cave City on 23 Jan 1869. This storm happened to kill my wife’s GGGF, Joseph H Foster. There are other accounts of this storm, including newspaper articles, that say it occurred one year later, in 1870. Can you verify which date is correct? One more question, I am searching for the lineage of Joseph H. Foster’s second wife, China Margaret Ritter (1828_1909). I know she was born in the Barren Co. area but cannot find the direct connection to a father and mother through all publically available records. I have been researching this for a couple of years! Do you have any insight into this question? Are you available for hire to do some custom spot research into the lineage of China Margaret Ritter? My public tree, Harry Bertram Hall, documenting my current work is available through Ancestry.com. Thank you, Steve McVeigh

    • Gclee says:

      Sorry it’s taken awhile to get back to you. The story is taken in parts from newspaper articles, mostly written by Daniel Tolle, under the penname ELLOT. The dates are from the newspapers, and they give 1869. I have actually read the newspapers, some of them on microfilm. The only records I have on a China Ritter, born about this era (ca. 1820), do not match yours in any way. I will try to look up what I have on paper file at some point, and try and get back with you through ancestry.

      • Russ Klicker (Bunch) says:

        GcLee, This is Russ Klicker, my mother was Louise Bunch. Is this Georgette? I just read the article on Dow written a few months ago.

      • Gclee says:

        Yes, it’s me! 🙂 Good to hear from you.

  3. Janie Sargent says:

    Your accounts are wonderful, I am new to the area, I am so enjoying the stories of the Beckton Rocky Hill areas.

  4. csthomas says:

    So happy to see local history and urban legends about south central Kentucky. I’m writing in reference to the Old Middle Bridge Rd story. I’m flattered you used almost verbatim what I had put on Topix about the old stage coach and the ferry, I don’t know if that was your source or not but I was told that by an elderly neighbor that had lived in that area for many years. There was a great article in the Bowling Green Daily News in April,1997 that explains the history in the region by Dana Clark Felty. She made a comment about the first white child born in Kentucky south of the Green River and that child was delivered in McFaddens Station in 1791. She then goes on to write about the family of David Chapman which leads me to believe that the baby was a Chapman. I really enjoyed reading your story and will read the others too.

    • Gclee says:

      I had several pieces of research, and an old draft on Middle Bridge that I used for the article, and didn’t have the resources in the old notes. I’m glad to know what I had was correct info… I usually try to cite where my work comes from. Thank you and I will have to read the article in the BG Daily News. It was hard to trace any background on the Middle Bridge area. I plan at some point to do a follow-up on the Cemetery Road area in future.

  5. Jean says:

    I had civil war veterans living in Cave City (William Yourell, (Eurill, Ural)) in 1870 and 1880.

  6. Jennifer Bond says:

    Hello, my name is Jennifer, I have family that lives in Scottsville. While my dad was alive he shared stories of a great aunt I believe that lived over in the Logan County area, in a little community called Auburn. The story revolved around this aunt saying that she’d had some fence work done by a couple of infamous brothers, aka Frank and Jesse James, that they also had a favorite hide out cave in that same general area. Are you familiar with any caves or lore from that area?

    Jennifer Bond ( tnjen99@gmail.com)

    • Gclee says:

      Not for sure. I have some very old notes tucked somewhere, of cave hunting we did as teenagers, and young adults. We went to several different counties. I am in the process of locating that notebook, so I can do some research. If I find anything, I will let you know. I have never heard any tales of the James brothers in that area, but that’s not saying they weren’t. I’ll be on the lookout! Thanks for contacting me!

  7. Diana Brownfield says:

    I enjoyed the story of jodee and lily, Jo was my grandmothers brother, my grandmother was Rebie Goode Elmore and later married a Norris. Her sister was Lu Emma Landrum. The article had her name wrong!
    I have really enjoyed all of the articles! Thank You for all your hard work!

  8. Riley Boggs says:

    Me and some friends have been exploring various different things in Barren County and the surrounding counties. I was curious if I could email you by chance and ask some questions on things.

  9. sandy likens wife of bradley d. likens says:

    i would love to have this black and white picture of the duch mill village i would love to paint it on canvas and donate it glasgow , i would come to town with my grandparents and parenrs on sat their names were mr and mrs hazel houchens and my parents are mr and mrs carlie likens a well known sign paiter here in barren county but we would stop and get ice cream in the restaurant and i would always enjoy sitting and just thinking about them windmills so to say i have very fond memories cause i am a 65 model and very little memories my name is bradley likens and i live here in glasgow mynumber is 270 834 9538 if you would like to contact me

    • Gclee says:

      If you hover the mouse cursor over the picture, and right click you can save the picture to your computer. I would like to see your work when it is done! 🙂

  10. Becky (Strange) Osborne says:

    Hello. I just stumbled onto your blog through a google search while doing research on my ancestors who lived in Barren County in the early 1800s (Hezekiah and John Strange). I understand that several folks with that surname still reside in your area.

    • Gclee says:

      My cousin went to school with two brothers named Strange, but I am not familiar with any other Strange families in this area. Perhaps someone else may read this that knows more about that. The only family I have any familiarity with are the ones in the Strange story on this blog.

  11. igrandma says:

    I am doing some family history in Barren county Kentucky. We have a family story that tell of Mary Desolate. She was an Indian child who was left hanging in a tree because her parents could not provide for her. She was raised by my white great great grandparents. I am wondering how I can check out this story and find out what kind of Indian blood I have.

  12. LeeAnnTrain says:

    Hi I’m LeeAnn Forester Train, my third great grandma was China Ritter and Joseph Foster my third great granddad. Nancy Foster married Zachary Forester. Nancy died of consumption leaving 4 young boys one of which was my grandpa Harry Forester.
    I’d appreciate any information on these families.
    I’m especially interested in China.

  13. Jimbob Baird says:

    Hi,Jimbob Baird here in Bowling Green and am working on a historical project that will involve Barren. Could you contact me at 270-779-2311 please?
    email jimbob374@icloud.com
    Thank you.

  14. ms1stinson says:

    Hi, I recently wrote about the old cemetery at Bell’s Tavern for my own website/blog. But I would love to link to your history post on the Tavern. What’s your preference on how you want to be acknowledged?

  15. Sherelyn Pedigo says:

    New Year’s Greetings!
    Ran across your interesting blog and thought I’d ask you for help. I’m searching for where in Metcalfe County (when It was Barren Co.) my ancestor’s farmhouse and cemetery are located. I’m a descendant of Joseph Pedigo, who moved his father Grandsire Ned Pedigo from Virginia to Kentucky. They served together in the American Revolutionary War and was paid in a land grant in Kentucky. I searched your blog for “Pedigo” and found a reference to JT Pedigo, once. These two patriots are buried with wives and families. Have you heard of the family? Might you know where their home and family cemetery is located? I have a map of Kentucky and am getting acquainted so that I might visit your area for my family history connection. Blessings on your blog!

    Sherelyn Pedigo
    Tillamook, OR

    • Gclee says:

      The early Pedigos of the area of Barren that became Metcalfe County were in the community of Randolph. There is an old cemetery near where they settled that someone recently intended to restore. I would have to look through my paper files to make sure this is the correct one, but I am certain that Ned Pedigo is buried there. I have notes to do a feature on this very family in future, but I am not an expert on the Pedigos. Perhaps your comment will generate answers from someone more knowledgeable. But they definitely settled in the area of Randolph.

  16. Judy Barradell-Smith says:

    Hi trying to find out where my Great Great Grandmother was born. Lily ” Elizabeth” Underwood who says in her diary (which I have here in England) ” I was born in a cottage on Bridge Street, Bowling Green on a Wednesday on 17 May 1854″ Can anyone please tell me where this Bridge Street is today and if there are any houses or cottages dating from the 1850’s preserved on Bridge Street? Thanks . Judy Barradell-Smith judybs1184@icloud.com

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