Cave Ridge – The Spirit of the Cave Speaks

This is a tunnel cave of approximately 1,000 feet with a passageway running generally southwest-northeast direction. It is safe and easy to walk through all the way. This cave is in Metcalfe Co., KY, about 5 miles west of Edmonton and approximately 14 miles east of Glasgow. It is less than one mile north of US 68-80 and runs under KY 1413 (formerly known as Great Warriors’ Trail) on properties formerly owned by the late JB Galloway and the late Harry Gassaway. This area is known as the Cave Ridge-New Liberty community.
Great Warriors’ Trail was one of the most famous Indian trails. It was the connecting link between the Algonquin and Cherokee nations. The general route of Great Warriors’ Trail was from the Falls of the Ohio (Louisville) southward to Buffalo (in Hart county) thence via part of what is now KY 1413 to the Cave Ridge Indian Camp Cave; thence southward via Obey River (at Celina, TN) and on to Look-Out Mountain (Chattanooga), all Cherokee country.
The southwest entrance to this cave is on the farm of the late JB Galloway. The driveway to the house passes within about 200 feet of the huge and spacious entrance, large enough for a big bulldozer to travel a considerable distance into the cave. The northeast entrance is on the property of the late Harry Gassaway and is easily accessible through a field. KY 1413, a good black top road, traverses over the cave and between its two entrances. This cave has been called from time to time by many different names, including Anderson Cave, Indian Cave, Gassaway Cave, Cave Ridge Cave, Liberty Cave, Cherokee Cave, etc., none of which have ever been official or copyrighted.
Each entrance opens out into a beautiful scenic and picturesque setting low between towering and wooded hillsides with some extensive cleared fertile valley land facing the southwest entrance. A large spring of beautiful clear water flows out of a small cave some 500 feet from the southwest entrance and flows through a lovely little bottom field. This small stream of overflowing water continues on into and all the way through the cave and enters into another cavern nestled low in a wooded area facing the northeast cave entrance.
There are levels of short passages other than the main one in parts of the cave. At various places there are stalactite, stalagmite, and column formations evidencing the long, long years of aging required to form these beauties of nature.
Over the years much digging and excavating has been done inside the huge southwest entrance of the cave which has produced bones, arrow heads, scrapers, etc. The cleared land facing the entrance has always been a good area to hunt arrow-heads, Indian relics, etc. Each time the land is cultivated it produced more and more of such items.
The outline of the above article on Cave Ridge Cave was contributed by the late JB Galloway, former resident of Cave Ridge.

About Gclee

I am a long time genealogy and local history hunter from Barren Co., KY. I have many stories to share that may be of interest to other local genealogists and history buffs. I enjoy this as a hobby and hope I can be of encouragement to others. I also hope everyone enjoys my stories as much as I have enjoyed learning about them.
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  1. pamela larue says:

    Interesting article. Kentucky has such an amazing history.

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