Another May Street Resident

From “The Register,” the publication of the KY Historical Society, September 1906, pg. 45 –

“Mrs. Fannie Porter Dickey, one of the most celebrated women of Kentucky, of Russellville and Glasgow, died 28 November 1905 in Omaha, Nebraska, at the home of her brother.” She was a celebrated painter specializing in paintings of trees. (She lived for many years in the old house just off East Main Street- as is known as the house on May Street). She was born in Logan Co., KY on 20 August 1858. She married in Ocala, Florida on 26 March 1884 to Clement D. Dickey. After traveling for many years in New Mexico and other places for his health, he died of consumption. Her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, 3 brothers and 3 sisters are listed as her survivors.
NOTE: It does not state who was the author of the article in “The Register,” but Mrs. Jennie C. Morton, who was related to the Steele line and a friend of the deceased was Editor of the publication at the time.

Elizabeth Richardson, Fannie Dickey’s mother, married Elias Porter, a native of Hart County, KY. Elizabeth’s mother was born Jane Steele. Elizabeth’s father was Felix Richardson, who died either in Fayette Co., KY, or after they moved to Texas. Jane Steele Richardson returned from Texas to KY and settled at Glasgow, where she opened a “bonnet shop.” In 1838 she married Meredith Sampson Reynolds, who lived at the corner of Lewis and Front Streets and operated a wool carding factory at Main Cross Street (now Broadway) and Water Street.
As was previously stated, Elizabeth married Elias Porter, who was postmaster at Russellville. While he was in the Civil War, Elizabeth and her children were visiting her mother and stepfather in Glasgow. Elizabeth’s brother, Felix R. Richardson, was Provost Marshall in Glasgow at that time. While here, in 1864, she lost two infant children, who are buried in the Munford-Crenshaw Cemetery at the corner of East Front Street and North Franklin Street. They are listed below.

Felicia Porter 25 August 1864 – 2 September 1864
William O. Porter 29 March 1863 – 3 April 1864

AN: Another of her daughters, Mary Dickey, married Frederick Morris, uncle of Arthur Krock!


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