The Specter of Siloam Road

Back in the early 1990s, a group of my friends and I visited alot of places in rural Barren that were reportedly haunted. The main purpose of this was to really see if there was some sort of activity. Anything from mists to voices to lights – Will o’ the wisps to bright blazing lights. On a fall evening we were just out to meet somewhere and socialize, and I had been out to the Morrison Park area to pick up my cousin. Our predetermined meeting place was to be the old quarry off Hwy 90, or Burkesville Road.
As I turned off Hwy 63, Tompkinsville Road, onto Siloam Road, we passed one of the people that was supposed to be at the meeting. I rolled down my window and flagged them down to tell them they were going the wrong way. He laughed and said he’d turn around to follow me. I told him I’d pull over at the church up the way (there are two there) and wait for him. As I pulled off, my cousin and I started a conversation, and I pulled into the church parking lot, and put the car in park. We hadn’t been sitting there a minute, talking in the dark, when out of the corner of my eye, a shadow quickly darted up to my vehicle.
I do not scare easily, but to say I was startled was an understatement! I turned to my window and came face to face with a very angry looking man. He asked me gruffly what I was doing, and I told him I was awaiting a friend’s return from up the road and we’d be on our way. His short and unfriendly nature is a normal occurrence in some of the rural areas of the county, especially at night, but it threw us because people are always pulling over in this parking lot to visit, as Siloam Road is traveled by alot of people to connect with different parts of southeastern Barren County when they leave or come to the city of Glasgow. The man just basically vanished, between the two churches, our friend showed back up, and we were on our way.
The puzzling part for me came the next day. I had stopped by my parents’ house to check on them, and made a comment about my odd encounter at the Siloam Church. My father spoke up gruffly, “There ain’t no ghost there!”
Well, this took me aback, but then I laughed and explained to him that I had found out that morning that there had been several break-ins in that area recently, and I assumed the man was just being watchful of suspicious activity. My father explained to me that his brother once lived in a house on Boyds Creek, and the driveway was right beside of Siloam Church. Then he told me that it had been said for many years, way before he was born (in 1915), that there was a ghost that would follow you along the Siloam Road. A few people had even said it would dart out into the road after them when you would pass one or the other church, depending on which way you were going.
My uncle Fred lived out there for several years and never saw this supposed ghost. This was well before the Hammer House on Horseshoe Bend was burned down (Hallowe’en 1969). Dad poo-pooed the whole ghost thing there, but then it got my curiosity up.
Jimmy Simmons actually told me what he knew of the ghost, but when I checked against his 1960s date for the last accounts of encounters, I found several accounts that stretched through the 1970s and into the early 1980s. He and I had a few discussions over this and the reliability of most of these accounts, and we laughed them away, to a degree.
As I kept researching, my father imparted to me that one night he stayed at Fred’s, and there was some trouble involving a carload of young men, who kept driving down the road shouting obscenities and throwing rocks and liquor bottles as they would pass by. Finally, Dad got his gun and started up the driveway, on foot, in the dark.
As the car approached again, there was a gunshot from it, and Dad fired back at the car. Once this took place, the car sped off down the road, and didn’t come back that night. When talking with Jimmy Simmons, I had learned that his most astonishing accounts of the phantom materializing near the churches came from some teenage boys in the timespan of 1960. Of course the incident with Dad would have taken place about then, because my father and mother married in January 1962, and this was a little before then.
I have not imparted this story to discount the supposed ghost of Boyds Creek, rather I only wanted to show an Urban legend in the making. Tales of hauntings, then someone comes along and has an encounter that may be dubious to start with… Teenagers and alcohol never mix well.
And the legend is born ~
But what then about the real ghost? There is a long ago story that started the legend of the Siloam Road ghost, the Real One, and its my next installment. TBC ~

About Gclee

I am a long time genealogy and local history hunter from Barren Co., KY. I have many stories to share that may be of interest to other local genealogists and history buffs. I enjoy this as a hobby and hope I can be of encouragement to others. I also hope everyone enjoys my stories as much as I have enjoyed learning about them.
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2 Responses to The Specter of Siloam Road

  1. Paulette Wasylycia says:

    Our church (not one of the two on Siloam Rd but nearby) used to go on hayrides leaving from one of those church lots. I made pictures one night…with me never moving from my spot I was standing in, of the kids on the wagons and may “orbs” (large, small) came into view on continuous shots…they increased and finally surrounded the children. The wagon departed and I stood there and made more shots in the same direction…the orbs gradually left (I assume the little spirits went along for the hayride as well).

    • Gclee says:

      Thanks for sharing, Paulette! There are many stories from over the years about the field there, that runs from 63 to the Siloam Church, along the creek. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences since they put in the pay lakes near 90. Guess there still are some.

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