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One of the main sources for the head of Nobob Creek is a small stream flowing in from the southeast, which has its origin in a group of springs in the extreme end of a deep ravine near the point where Metcalfe, Monroe, and Barren counties corner. This place is probably unsurpassed for scenic beauty by any other point in Barren and adjoining counties. The bluffs on either side are approximately 200 ft. high and at many points rise almost perpendicular for one-3rd of the distance. There are piles of rocks at the bottom of the ravine that have been falling from the overhanging cliffs for centuries. The bottom of this miniature canyon is overgrown with vines and small trees while near the top of the hills where the ground gradually levels off will be found many giant native trees.
About 100 ft. up the north side of the cliff from the springs is a large cavern, which is known locally as Piercy’s Cave. The entrance is some 30 ft. wide, and about 5 ft. tall, and requires a person of ordinary stature to stoop down to gain entrance. After traveling about 100 ft. from the entrance the passage broadens to about 30 ft. and the ceiling is some 20 ft. high. The formations are very beautiful and one is reminded of the entrance to Mammoth Cave. It can be very slick inside this cave, and you should be a serious caver to attempt this particular cave.
Take Hwy 839 through Nobob and continue south. Turn on Apple Grove Road. Gentry Road will be on your left. The owner of the property is the first driveway on the left on this road. You must have permission from him before proceeding to the cave. There are cameras! He is a very nice man, but as I said, you should only be a serious caver, ar go with serious cavers if you plan to see this wonder. It is probably the largest cave in that area, including Saltpetre Cave, and Rhoton Cave near Tompkinsville.

About Gclee

I am a long time genealogy and local history hunter from Barren Co., KY. I have many stories to share that may be of interest to other local genealogists and history buffs. I enjoy this as a hobby and hope I can be of encouragement to others. I also hope everyone enjoys my stories as much as I have enjoyed learning about them.
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13 Responses to Piercy Cave

  1. I live in Nobob, but had yet to pinpoint the location for Piercy Cave. Thank you for posting this! I’ll be seeking owner approval soon. 🙂

    • Gclee says:

      There are a couple of others in the area both labeled Miller Cave. I’ve been to one, but am not sure the exact location of the other. I have heard the owner of one of them will not let people in because of teenagers throwing parties and badly damaging the cave. I am trying to find out as of now if it’s the one I’ve been to. They are not far from each other, from what I’ve been told. As soon as I sort that out I’ll try and post what I get.

      • How far away? I’m not familiar with any near me besides Piercy (finally know location, thank you) and Saltpeter (which I’ve been to more than once). I know that Saltpeter has had extensive vandalism in the form of graffiti and trash from parties and regular campfires. There are federally endangered bats inside, so I’d love to find the owner and help clean it up for future preservation. It’s beautiful. I look forward to your findings. If you ever would like company exploring, please let me know.

      • Gclee says:

        One of these Miller Caves is at Rockbridge, the other a few miles from it. I’m not sure which one I’ve actually been to, but it’s been over 25 years. I’d have to refamiliarize myself with the area. I know a person I talked to from the area said that the owner of one of them does not allow visitors, and the other is on the State cavehunters lists. They have a specific name, and I forget what they are called now. Speleologists, or something like that. The Rhoton Cave south of Tompkinsville, is also on the list. It is quite large, about the size of Saltpetre, or perhaps bigger. I’ve been there too, about 25 or so years ago.

  2. macman1138 says:

    Mr. Sam Piercy was my great uncle and I have been to the cave a few times and spent about 6 or hours inside each time. I remember going to see my great uncle many times when I was a child. He was a very nice old man that seemed to be sick most of the time. The house he lived in was falling down already and I suppose it is completely down by now. It is a beautiful place for a home to this day.
    Now as for Saltpeter Cave I spent much of my childhood exploring that cave and surrounding area.
    I can say for a fact that nobody alive knows that cave better than I do. Nobody.
    That area about the cave would make a lovely place for a log cabin home. I have tried to buy about 17 acres for such an endeavor from the current owner, but he won’t sell. I should have bought it when his father was alive….

    • George Franklin says:

      Just read for first time. Is this the Samuel Piercy who died in 1913? His child Nannie Piercy Jackson was my grandmother. Both are buried at Bowles Cemetery where my parents are buried. I have never been to this cave. I have a photo of Samuel Piercy and other kin at the Mill.

  3. Andrew Rhoton says:

    Hello My Name is Andrew Rhoton and I was wondering if you could tell me more about The Rhoton Cave? How did it get its name and why is there a road named Rhoton Cave Rd?

    Thank You,

    • Gclee says:

      Sorry it has taken so long to reply to you. The Rhoton family was quite extensive in the area of Monroe Co., KY that this cave is located. One of my paternal aunts (my father’s sister-in-law) was a Rhoton by birth. The family was quite well known at an early date here, and were founding members of several churches here.

  4. Anthony Walker says:

    I’m Anthony Walker, can anyone tell me the name/names of the caves on Hope Rd which is off Apple Grove Rd. This caves are big as well. There is a big cave at the intersection of Hwy90 and Hwy163, behind the Kingsford Charcoal factory in Summer Shade. I’ve forgot the name. If anyone knows it let me know. Also in the Randolph/Wisdom community there are several caves, I know of 7 or 8 myself. Does anyone have any info on a cave in the Mud Camp community, you can see it from the road Hwy100 not sure if its in Monroe or Cumberland County, it may be called Skeleton Key Cave? The entrance is round with a place that looks like a skeleton key would fit in, odd looking, would love to check it out.

  5. Dennis Piercy says:

    I am Dennis Piercy, lived in Tompkinsville and still have family around both T-ville and Edmonton. I am just wondering if the Family that Piercy’s cave is named for is related to me/mine? If you have any information on the Piercy Family I would really love to know. Thank you

    • Gclee says:

      I’m fairly certain that the Piercys in Monroe County are all related, but I have no direct connection to them. Hopefully, someone may see this and can help you out there.

    • George Franklin says:

      My direct g-grandfather Samuel Piercy worked there as well as his brother Dudley Piercy. I went down to his cave in June. Current owner nice guy. Huge inside.

      George Franklin
      U.S. Secret Service- Retired
      Laguna Beach, CA

      • George Franklin says:

        Peter Starr helped build for son in law Lewis Piercy. Peter died there when huge rock fell on him in 1870.

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