Vanishing Reverence

Today’s society has no idea… I seriously think most of them don’t even know what they’re missing. Hallowe’en is my favorite holiday – even over Christmas. I can remember as a child being turned loose for several hours on this evening, and coming home with huge amounts of candy! And it didn’t matter if there was a foot of snow on the ground, we had a blast!
I am sitting here in South Central Kentucky, shaking my head… Hallowe’en has been cancelled! Really??? No joke, because it might rain and be a little windy tonight. Glad I don’t have little ones anymore, so I don’t have to tell them that some mean old Grinch cancelled Hallowe’en cause it’s raining. Who cares that it was moved to tomorrow evening… That’s 30 years away to a five year old!
A few years back, Hallowe’en was moved because the actual holiday fell on a Sunday. Mind you, I go to church, but honestly, if you are so Christian that you need to move Hallowe’en because it might interfere with church, why are you allowing your children to celebrate a Pagan holiday in the first place?! It has evolved into a children’s game after all… Why ruin their fun?
Reverence is vanishing rapidly from our society, and the world. What was once a place of sacred power has become a stale and vapid, two dimensional greeting card that isn’t quite a Hallmark moment. People whine if something doesn’t suit them just so. They use their children as an excuse to get their way, and half the time they don’t even spend one hour a week with those same children.
I can remember the autumn months were the best for fun. There was always leaf gatherings, corn shuckings, hay rides, bonfires, book clubs, storytelling hours, haunted houses. The there was Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving, two holidays where you could eat and eat, and your parents seldom made a fuss unless you made a mess, or made one of your siblings cry. And you were sent out in bunches on Hallowe’en, at least when you got old enough to go without parents. Otherwise, you had one or two dads who would go along with the group, and stay back at the sidewalk when the kids went to the house for the customary trick or treat.
Back then haunted houses were haunted houses. I’ve went to several local ones over the years, and the only place I can say really got to me was the Haunted Campground at Jellystone Park in Cave City. They are good! 😉 When I was younger, we would go places and try to scare each other with stories we’d heard of the locale. Urban legends abound in South Central Kentucky, and most of them are based on some long forgotten event in the past. As the years went on, the story was embellished, or someone wouldn’t remember long ago events, so they would make something up. Then there are just places that stories were made up about, because the house looked spooky, or someone got scared while they were there.
All I know is that reverence is vanishing. Places that were said to be haunted when I was young have completely been altered or torn down, fenced around, roads moved, highways built, lakes made, subdivisions put up… The list is endless of long forgotten places. And the haunted has gone out of some of them. But sometimes the reverence has vanished, but not the sanctity. The sacred power is still there, slumbering, waiting for reverence to wake it up.
I hope your reverence hasn’t vanished… And if it has, I hope you can find some way to revive it. Happy Hallowe’en!


About Gclee

I am a long time genealogy and local history hunter from Barren Co., KY. I have many stories to share that may be of interest to other local genealogists and history buffs. I enjoy this as a hobby and hope I can be of encouragement to others. I also hope everyone enjoys my stories as much as I have enjoyed learning about them.
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One Response to Vanishing Reverence

  1. Larry Marion says:

    I agree with you whole heartily!!!!! I so enjoy your column! Thanks again and have a spooky Halloween !!!!!!

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